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This is a power bundle of proven methods and strategies I’ve put together after 9 years in the business. I share a lot of this content at masterminds and exclusive networking events around the world.

Key Benefits (with results in as little as a few days!):

Learn how to run Messenger Bots that CONVERT.

Messenger Bots are HOT right now and a great way to generate sales at a low cost. Find out how to set these up and monetize those leads like the pros!

Build quiz funnels that get you better leads.

Let me show you how to create quiz funnels that attract the right buyers!

Build quiz funnels that get you better leads.

Let me show you how to create quiz funnels that attract the right buyers!

Insider marketing strategies at your fingertips.

Get a “free pass” to some of the biggest marketing events and masterminds in the world with exclusive video footage and trainings

Professionally-written Facebook ads.

Get 5x custom Facebook ads written for ANY offer by my in-house team of copywriters!

If you really want to level up to bring in better leads and convert faster, you need a multi-pronged approach — Instagram ads, quiz funnels, video ads, and Messenger Bots will help you get there!

So imagine this course as the warmup and me proving my skills and impact I can have on your business…

Then all these high-level courses, trainings, videos, templates and checklists will help you take your knowledge and skills to the next level.

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If you really are serious about getting a handle on Facebook ads for your business and you WANT to know how to get a leg up on your competition, if you’re fully invested and excited to do things RIGHT, this is for you.

If you would rather spend days, maybe weeks watching YouTube videos, trying to figure it all out yourself, and willing to spend a few thousand dollars testing — you don’t need any of this and can skip the page right now.

I know you’re probably pretty anxious to get your hands on the training and see how it works. But as I said before, that will only get you so far. When you master IG ads (it doesn’t take long to learn with my trainings) or simply get my team to write your ads FOR you…

You’re ten steps ahead in the game already.

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Messenger Bot Mastery Training ($499 value)

Find out why bots are HOT right now and how to drive down your cost per lead with my proven bot strategies. Messenger bots aren’t as complicated as they look and I’ll break it all down for you in this video training!

PLUS I’ll send you bot flows you can model for your business to generate sales, calls, or engagement. And I’ll show you how to create ads that drive to a bot conversation seamlessly — one of the keys to getting GREAT leads!

FB Group Mastery Training ($199 value)

Ever thought about launching a Facebook Group? Groups can be a great way to build a community and drive engagement among buyers. But only some people know how to tap in to this group to make sales without sounding spammy.

Let me show you how I built my own fitness community of over 60,000 active members and drove sales and engagement to a whole new level!

DM Closing Strategy ($199 value)

Trying to sell high-ticket products or services? Use my “secret” DM strategy on social media to close more people with WAY less pressure! A few carefully-crafted messages after you use the right “trigger” to get people to engage in your DM is all it takes to close those bigger deals!

I’ll show you the EXACT same strategy one of the best closers on my team uses so you can model success!

IG Ad Secrets Video Training ($199 value)

Want to learn how I drive down ad costs on Instagram? It all comes down to creating GREAT video content for the News Feed and IG Stories. You need to know what scripts and frameworks work best for IG — because it’s very different from what you might see on YouTube or even on Facebook!

I’ll show you my best IG ad campaign tactics and video tips to help you create killer IG ads!

IG Story Ads Shortcuts ($199 value)

Knowing how to leverage IG story ads will give you a SERIOUS advantage, no matter what niche you’re in! Whether you’re selling high-ticket coaching packages or ecommerce products, let me show you my shortcuts and tips for generating great content and publishing stories people LOVE!

You could see engagement soar and people swiping like crazy when you apply what I show you in this must-watch training!

Facebook Content Marketing Machine ($199 value)

The best entrepreneurs are constantly putting out fresh content. But that doesn’t mean you need to be shooting videos every day or coming up with new ideas on the fly! Let me show you how I turn out dozens of videos a week and how I come up with ideas that get the best engagement — and even sales — from my audience.

I’ll share my own Content Marketing Machine so you can use it in your own business.

Rudy’s Facebook Ad Multiplier Method Training ($199 value)

One of the biggest challenges with Facebook ads is hitting what’s known as ad fatigue — when your ads burn out, CPAs go up and ROAS goes down. So you end up needing to publish more and more ads just to keep up.

Let me show you a better and SMARTER way to beat ad fatigue while keeping winning ads circulating across Facebook in this ad campaign-changing training!

Facebook Quiz Funnel Secrets ($199 value)

Want to get better buyers in the door? Launch a quiz! Quiz funnels are a GREAT way to attract qualified buyers and convert leads into sales — in a way that’s FUN for your customer or client. Let me show you the mechanics of Facebook quiz funnels and how to leverage them to not only attract better buyers but ALSO stand out from the competition.

Includes step-by-step guides on setting up quiz funnels, examples, and more!

2-Day Facebook Ads Intensive – Mastermind Recordings ($299 value)

Go “behind the scenes” of one of my mastermind events where I spoke on stage about Facebook ads and funnel marketing! This is a rare opportunity to “spy” into an event that today’s top marketers paid thousands to attend.

The recordings are packed with Golden Nuggets on Facebook marketing, best practices, and what’s working RIGHT NOW in 2020 to get Facebook ads converting and scaling.

PLUS: Done-for-You Facebook Ads – 5x Ads Written by My Team! ($500 value)

There’s nothing worse than spending hours writing Facebook ads or spending a few hundred dollars on ads that end up tanking. So let my pro team of copywriters do some of the heavy lifting for you!

For a limited time, I’m having my professional writers create a set of custom Facebook ads for you! Just tell us what your offer is and we’ll write up a fresh set of ads designed to convert!

Ready to Master Facebook Ads and Learn How to Drive Even MORE Sales with Proven Methods and Marketing Tactics?

This Exclusive VIP Upgrade with my Messenger Bot Mastery Training, DM Closing Strategy, 2-Day Intensive Video Trainings, my very own Content Marketing Machine, other trainings AND a set of Custom Facebook Ads Written FOR You is worth well over $2,700.

But your success is my #1 priority and I want you to get the most out of your time learning from me. I know that all this knowledge and training, plus the custom Facebook ads, are going to help you learn how to get REAL traction with your business!

And instead of charging you $2,000, or even $1,000 for this package that’s easily worth over 3x as much…what most marketers out there would probably charge for this. I’m practically GIVING it all to you today for…



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